Welcome to my Stonerrock Bootleg Artwork site,
the biggest collection available on the web and

Please note that this site does NOT host any
artwork for officially released albums! All the
covers found on this site have been made for live
bootlegs, taped by fans for fans.

It is ILLEGAL to sell these bootlegs with a profit
and therefore it is also illegal to use the artwork
on this site to make any profit!

Now that we are all through with the disclaimer hassle,
I would like to thank everybody who has helped making
this site possible. I am especially thinking of the artwork
designers and tapers that have spent much time and
effort to please Stoner fans like myself.

However this site is far from complete. There are
many Stonerrock bootlegs with lost artwork or that
have no artwork at all. If you own any covers that
are not listed on this site, or if you have made some
artwork by yourself and you would like to see it up
here with the rest, you can always email it to me.

Also please take a look at the wanted page for
artwork that I am particularly looking for.

If you would like to link to this site, you are free to
do so. In that case, please use the above banner.

-- redhotsps