This is a list of all the artwork I am currently looking for.
Most of these bootlegs do not even have artwork, so if you feel up
to it, you are welcome to make some of your own and send it to me.

The second table on this page contains bootlegs with artwork that is of
low quality or incomplete. If you own a better version, please send it in.

A SPECIAL REQUEST: if you own any Kyuss pictures and feel like
sharing them with the rest of us to make some cool artwork, you can
email them and I will put them online, available for the designers,
fans, and everybody else...

Thank you!

Artist Date Venue Title
Fatso Jetson 2006-04-22 The Scene Bar, Glendale, California None
Kyuss 1992-04-02 Virginia Beach, Virginia None
1993-03-27 Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia None
1994-08-05 Park Avenue, Columbus, Ohio None
1994-10-20 Roxy, Atlanta, Georgia None
1995-09-04 Stadhalle, Offenbach, Germany None
1995-09-09 Festa Dell Unita, Reggio Emilia, Italy None
Masters Of Reality 1987-07-17 Lost Horizon, Syracuse, New York None
1989-03-28 Memorial Hall, Burlington, Vermont None
1990-09-14 The Palace, Los Angeles, California None
1990-09-24 The Marquee, New York, New York None
1990-10-10 Bogart's, Cincinnati, Ohio None
1990-10-18 13.13 Club, Charlotte, North Carolina None
Mondo Generator 2006-06-16 Barfly, London, United Kingdom None
Nick Oliveri 2004-03-19 Southpaw, Brooklyn, New York None
2006-06-08 Chalk Farm, London, United Kingdom None
2006-09-12 Cambridge Soul Tree, Cambridge, United Kingdom None
Queens Of The Stone Age 1999-09-11 Cactus Club, San Jose, California None
1999-09-12 Palookaville, Santa Cruz, California None
2002-06-29 Rock Werchter Festival, Werchter, Belgium None
2003-06-22 Brixton Academy, London, United Kingdom None
2006-10-07 The Detour Festival, Los Angeles, California None
Screaming Trees 1993-xx-xx Various Live!
1997-xx-xx Various Seattle Symphony
Unida 1999-11-05 Arena, Vienna, Austria None
XO 2005-03-04 The Scene Bar, Glendale, California None

Artist Date Venue Title
Kyuss 1994-11-12 Slim's, San Fransisco, California, United States The Mighty Scoop
Kyuss 1997-xx-xx None Black Jeweler
Kyuss 1997-xx-xx None Black Jeweler (v2)
Kyuss 1997-xx-xx None Black Jeweler (v3)
Queens Of The Stone Age 2001-08-18 Bizarre Festival, Weeze, Germany None
Queens Of The Stone Age 2002-05-27 Cotton Club, Atlanta, Georgia (v2) First Boot
Screaming Trees 1992-xx-xx None Winter Songs
Screaming Trees 1993-xx-xx None 10 Tons Of Fun
Screaming Trees 1993-xx-xx None 10 Tons Of Fun (v2)
Screaming Trees 1997-03-21 Capitol Theater, Olympia, Washington None
Yawning Man 2003-09-07 Bottom Of The Hill, San Francisco, California None