Bootleg Artwork
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Tom's Trading Site Tom Knudsen is without a doubt the largest contributor to this site! A great designer with a great collection. Check out his site for more of the likes. supergossard has made some nice artwork for QOTSA and loads of other bands: from Ben Harper to Pearl Jam to Tool... You can find it all on his site.
Zender Bender's Fan Art Site zender bender has made some bootlegs covers, wall paintings and other fan art. Check out his site for some cool pictures.
Zender Bender's Fan Art Site Andreas Pollmann has a large collection of bootleg DVD artwork, all downloadable from his site. Check it out!
Sitback A graphic designer freelancer that has also made some nice artwork for Stonerrock bootleg compilations. The site is in Dutch.
Bootleg COver Art An online community dedicated to bootleg cover art.

Bootleg Sharing
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Stoner Audio/Video Forum Great community for sharing Stonerrock bootlegs, hosted by shinkibo. Many of the shows on this site have already been passed around there.
The Trader's Database Probably the biggest online source for trading bootlegs.

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Red Hot Swan P Site Swans only!