Bootleg Info
Artist: Queens Of The Stone Age
Date: 2005-03-31
Venue: The Metropolis, Montreal, Canada 254793

Artwork Info
Designer: Tom Knudsen
Comment: None

Front Cover:
Back Cover:

Taper Info
Taper: Unknown
Source: Microtech Gefells SMS-2000 M20 Caps > Apogee Mini Me > Hosa 312 > Jb3 - Mics in DIN approx 11 feet up on stand to right of SBD
Transfer: Unknown
Comment: The taper was having problems and had to switch to DPA. This is the lineage for the last 3 songs: DPA 4061's > MPS6030 > JB3 approx 8 feet up on stand off to the side of soundboard