DVD Cover Info
Title: Kyuss - 1995-08-19 - Bizarre Festival 1995 (v3)
Designer: Unknown
DVD Author: Sascha Weich
Comment: Much better video quality than the older standalone transfer which features the QOTSA 1998 and 2001 Bizarre shows: Kyuss/Queens Of The Stone Age - Bizarre Festivals 1995-2001.

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Show 1 Info
Artist: Kyuss
Date: 1995-08-19
Venue: Bizarre Festival, Cologne, Germany
db.etree.org: 70514
taperinfo Taper: Thorsten Thormann
Audio Source: TV > VID(1) > DVDR(1)
Video Source: TV > VID(1) > DVDR(1)
Comment: This show is sometimes said to have taken place in Weeze, Germany.